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A visit to the city hall

It is very bad weather today. My son has a school trip to the city hall of our city. The theme of this month at school is getting to know a lot of the city you live in. He comes home with a lot of stories about the history of this city and he is very interested in more information about our city. He wondered if he would see the mayor of our city. His grandfather in The Netherlands is a mayor and he looks up to his grandfather because he is a mayor. My son thinks that those people ...

Theft prevention

We'll be away for the weekend. We also have a boat in the garden. Normally there's a car in front of that boat as a theft prevention, but the car won't be available this weekend. So my husband just made another solution. He locked the boat (that's on a trailer) to another trailer. And as if that would not be enough, he connected an old anchor chain to that lock, twisted it a couple of times around the trailer that carries the boat and then led it inside, under the garage door. Inside the garage he connected it to a ...


Alltså jag funderar allvarligt att åka in till stan och fixa hårborttagning stockholm. Mina ben är som en brasiliansk djungelapas:) Jag har ju för hela friden mer hår på benen än min man har. Det är inte okej! Om det inte hade gjort så fruktansvärt ont med epileringsapparaten så hade jag tagit den, men det gör bara för ont. Men jag har sett ett ställe inne i stan, och som också har rekommenderas för mig, som jag verkligen tänker åka in och kika på. Jag måste få en lösning på det här hårproblemet. Det här är inte okej!